Backyard Jem
Event Description

Backyard Jem was founded by Shannon, who farms for health and wellbeing. The team includes Raymond - our builder of infrastructure and a critical farming support, as well as Jack (11) and Izabel (4) - who help in the gardens, blueberry picking, egg collection, milking the cows... as well as preserving fruits and baking tasty treats. But most of all we love to eat quality, nutrient dense food! We are regenerative organically grown small scale market gardeners, with a house cow, chickens and an established orchard that is being turned into a food forest. We are focusing on how to close the loop to be more self sufficient. We would like everyone to experience the whole farm as everyone comes for different reasons and will have many varied questions.

Notes & Amenities

- No Dogs

- Not Wheelchair Accessible

- Activities for Kids

- Activities for Adults

- On Tar Road

- No bathroom facilities