Mangarara -The Family Farm
Event Description

The gates are open and everyone is welcome! Come and see what we do at Mangarara -The Family Farm and share our journey to produce good food while Regenerating the environment that we all depend upon.

Diversity is the key, and you will meet the pigs, chickens, some cattle and see the sheep be rounded up by a sheep dog and see our pet lambs Steve and Ted be shorn.

A walk out to the native bush on the farm will demonstrate how producing healthy food can also increase biodiversity and restore ecosystems.

We will have a Mangarara sausage sizzle, local Kombucha and Coffee available to purchase on site.

At 1.30pm we will be back to the Mangarara Eco Lodge (check it out on our website) and facilitate a discussion on the role of meat in a "Healthy Diet and a Healthy Planet."

You are welcome to stay on and picnic by the lake.