Orakau Dairy
Event Description

The Westgate Farm was purchased in 1914. It is a family-run farm at Orakau – ‘the place of trees’. We are the 5th generation in our family to take care of this land. We are focused on animal welfare with a strong consideration for the environment and sustainability; both economically and globally.

We operate to ensure that the land has a rich and diverse ecosystem. We (you and I), will first pick up some food for the cows, and drive down to the paddocks where they will either be relaxing or eating! We will teach you about a day in the life of a cow, and you might even see a few other on-farm day to day activities, such as milk harvesting, or milk pick up. If you would like to try - they might even eat out of the palm of your hand!

We will also talk about what we do as farmers - to share what makes our industry so great and what we are actively doing as an industry to be even better.

You'll have the opportunity to have photos with these beautiful cows (and pat the dogs if you like), as well as give the cows lots of cuddles if you feel like that too! They all have very strong independent lady personalities - so they're always a little sassy. Just watch out for their tongues! They sometimes will lick you!

There will also be a track made so that you can take your own time to explore.

And make sure that you bring a picnic! We have trees everywhere, so park yourself under one and enjoy a nice picnic lunch in the countryside with friends or family, and enjoy the fresh air.

You're welcome to bring an empty closed and clean bottle with you to take some farm fresh milk home with you! We can also tell you the exact fat and protein ratio if you're keen to know that too.