Permakai Ltd.
Event Description

We are a small market garden growing vegetables as efficiently as possible using modern (and ancient) tools and techniques. We are in the final year before we gain full organic certification and follow biodynamic practices where appropriate. Our farm is designed using the principles of permaculture. We want to give you a great experience and have a number of different activities planned which will show you what we do, how and why we do it. Because what we do is quite unique we are used to welcoming groups and schools. We love sharing our approach and look forward to meeting you. Because we are organic we request you make sure your footwear is cleaned before you arrive, especially if you are coming from another farm.

Our programme for the day is:

10:00 Welcome, H&S briefing and farm tour;
11:00 Compost Collective workshop on hot composting, bokashi composting and worm farming;
12:30 Break;
13:00 Pruning;
13:00 Tool demonstration;
13:30 Talk on organic farming;
14:00 Wrap up and questions.

Space is limited so sign up early.