Slow Blooms
Event Description

Come and experience our cut flowers and herbs for cooking and healing - all grown sustainably, following permaculture ethics🌸 Go for a stroll through the rows of blooms, and ask any questions you may have about how to grow flowers in a sustainable way.

What's in a name? Slow Blooms is a play on the Slow Foods and Slow Flowers movement, which values produce grown locally, in their natural season, using sustainable practices - as opposed to flowers grown with the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides, and often flown in from greenhouses in faraway countries, spending days or even weeks in transit before they reach their destination.

Slow Blooms to us also means letting good things take time... Going for a mindful stroll and enjoying picking the blooms you love, as opposed to grabbing a plastic-wrapped bunch on the go. How do we grow? Rebecka is co-founder of the Permaculture Mahurangi group, and our blooms are grown according to earth-friendly permaculture principles. With care for the earth and for our visitors and staff.

If you see anything you like, just borrow some snips and a bucket or basket, and cut your own bouquet! Snips are sharp and children are soft, so parents help cut for their kids. Flowers are charged by weight. A mixed bouquet is priced at $10 per 100 grams, which is a little bit more than at the supermarket, and a little bit less than at the florist. Gift cards are available too, for the perfect zero-waste present. So how did we get here? Since the beginning of September, we have been busy transforming some of the grapevines behind Charlies Gelato into a flower garden, with the vision to create a special experience for visitors, enabling you to pick your own beautiful bouquets and healing herbs for teas, tinctures, and culinary use.

Notes & Amenities

- Dogs on Lead

- Wheelchair Accessible

- Activities for Kids

- Activities for Adults

- On Tar Road

- Bathroom facilities on-site