The Open Farms Code of Conduct
Thank you for being a part of Open Farms


We built this platform to reconnect Kiwis with the land and people that grow our food.

We all feel this frustration in our food system right now. Because as Kiwis, we’re defined by our land and our responsibility to care for it.

But food and farming should unite us, not divide us. It’s ok to disagree on important issues, but we are just five million Kiwis in a big world changing fast. Town or country, we’re in this together.

Whether you are hosting or attending an Open Farm event, please:

  • Ask questions. This is your chance to meet the Kiwis who grow or eat your food. You are more connected than you think.
  • Be respectful. We all care about our land, animals, family and food. Take the time to really hear each other out, it’s coming from a place of genuine concern. If you do disagree, focus on the common ground.
  • Be safe. Farm’s are a lot of fun, but need to be respected. Follow the guidelines and listen to safety briefings.
  • Leave with positive intent. Your Open Farms visit is a reminder that Aotearoa is special. We have a responsibility to protect it.