Host Handbook

Everything you need to host an Open Farms event



As an Open Farms host, you must notify your insurance company about your intention to host an Open Farm Day event and ensure that your Public and Statutory Liability insurance is adequate.

To help you have this conversation with your insurer, FMG (the market leader for rural insurance in New Zealand) have allowed us to share their policy around coverage for Open Farm Day events.


“If you are an FMG client who already has Liability insurance for your rural activities, FMG are extending your policy to cover hosting Open Farm Day style events so long as those events focus on showing and/or demonstrating normal regular farming activities.

These activities might include milking, shearing, stockwork, horticultural operations, riparian planting, fencing, farm walks, agricultural exhibitions & competitions, horse club and other regular normal farming activities.

For more information, clients should refer to their individual policy document or speak to one of the team on 0800 366 466.”



Note that activities that fall outside of the above policy may not be covered. Activities like event games, rides and/or commercial food stalls may require additional Liability coverage.

Regardless of your insurer or Open Farms activity list, please contact your insurer, inform them of your intention to host an event and confirm your Public Liability and Statutory Liability cover.

Should your insurer require further information, you can direct them to: