Host Handbook

Everything you need to host an Open Farms event

What's in it for me?


While Open Farms is free for both host and visitors, as a host, there are a few ways to make the event really work for you, including:


  • Make use of the free advertising! During the host registration process, we’ll ask for your farm’s website and social media channels. When it comes time to promote your Open Farms event, we’ll link to these and encourage visitors to sign up to follow you. At the end of your event, prompt your visitors to follow you via social media or e-newsletter.
  • Selling farm-fresh food or fibre products on-the-day.
  • Collecting visitor details to publicise your latest diversification or direct-to-consumer venture. We really like this one – it’s a concept called co-producing, building brands in partnership with your customers for long-term trust and success.
  • Collaborating with a local community group to prepare and sell food (see our guidelines on that one) and raise money for a cause you believe in.
  • Taste-test a new product.
  • Publicise a job opening.